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Work at Home with TLS!

We at TwinkleLittleStar believe that the optimal place for a baby is in the comfort of it's mother's arms and we want to help mothers to acheive that. It is one of our many goals to provide programs to help mothers (and fathers too!) to be able to contribute financially to their family from the comfort of their own homes. We know it is possible (from many hours at the keyboard with a baby also at the breast!) to nurture your family and build an income at the same time. We want to provide you with that same opportunity.

Our WAH opportunities program will start off with our Associate program. By simply adding a link to your email messages or a banner to your website you can earn money from the customers you refer to For every customer who follows your link and buys from, you will earn an 8% comission fee! You can join this program today, and start earning!

Our Associate program will closely be followed with our distributor opportunities. When you enter our distributor program, you will earn up to 20% of all merchandise that you sell from our catalogues. We hope to have this program up and running by the year's end. Keep coming back to learn more!