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puddlecatchers fitted cloth diapers
fitted stretch terry cloth diaper GREAT NEWS!
Can you tell that we are excited? Puddlecatchers diapers are finally in production! We should have them on-site soon! These diapers earn a "Derry's choice" award. Super stretchy and ultra-absorbant! Check back soon...

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"Never fear spoiling children by making them too happy. Happiness is the atmosphere in which all good affections grow."
~Thomas Bray
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Babies Textile Prefold Diapers

Diaper Service Quality, 100% cotton gauze diapers that are soft, durable and highly absorbent. The highest quality fabric and manufacturing available makes these prefolds the best you can find. The highest quality for the best economy. May be pinned or used inside a waterproof cover. Available in two sizes:

cotton prefold cloth diapers

Infant 4X8X4 (12"X16")

1 diaper
$1.67 US
1/2 Dozen
$9.30 US
1 Dozen
$18.00 US

Premium 4X8X4 (14.5" X 22")

1 diaper
$2.17 US
1/2 Dozen
$12.65 US
1 Dozen
$24.00 US

stardust print one sized fitted cloth diaper

Twinkle Little Star One Size Diapers

One size diapers to fit babies from newborn staright through to 35 lbs! No need to buy more and more sets of different sized diapers. This diaper will see you through all of the diapering years!

These diapers are no ordinary diapers, but made of only the finest quality material. 5 layers of fluffy soft Sherpa Terry (1 inch thick!) against your little one's tender bum, with an all cotton outer in a cute print. Incredibly absorbent and only the highest quality, you won't find a better diaper anywhere. All of our diapers are sewn by a work at home mom, so when you buy our diapers you will be supporting WAHM businesses all down the line!

Features include:
*One size fits most
*fold down fleece top so that only soft fleece touches your baby's skin
*hidden snaps
*gentle elastic at legs that won't leave marks on baby's tender skin

$9.15 US

4 Stardust left in stock
patchwork print one sized fitted cloth diaper
2 Patchwork left in stock

The average baby will spend about 25,000 hours in diapers, and need about 6,000 diaper changes before they are completely toilet trained! Imagine, by cloth diapering you can keep 2 tons of biohazardous waste from the landfills!

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"Treasure the short sweet time in which you are everything to your child, and indulge his wish to be everything to you. "
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may we also suggest a nursing bra?
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fitted hemp diaper
Pot-ee Pants Snap to Fit Diapers
made in Canada by WAHM's

Fitted hemp and cotton diapers with snap closures that adjust to your growing baby's size. They have a muslin outer, jersey, inner and an absorbant terry soaker in between. Fits 3 -20 months.

only a limited quantity currently available

$7.61 US

That sodium polycrylate, that icky gel that is found in disposable diapers and on your baby's bum when you change him has killed children who have ingested as little as 5 grams of it? Cloth really does make sense. Want to learn more?
sherpa terry diaper doublers
Twinkle Little Star Doublers

One full inch thickness of absorbant sherpa terry! These doublers are sure to solve any leaking problems that you may have with less absorbant diapers. They are also great for long trips or outings where baby cannot be changed as quickly. Overnight, these are an absolute dream, especially for the heavy wetter!

$4.00 US/ each
now on sale! $2.40 CAD each

diaper doubler print
Print for doublers shown above.

Hempers Doublers
made in Canada

For those extra long outings or overnight, these doublers will help to increase absorbancy and allow you to go longer between diaper changes without leaks. 55% Hemp, 45% green cotton.

$2.30 US each

hemp diaper doubler

may we also suggest a nursing bra?
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cloth diaper tips
You will save an average of $1500 per child in diapering costs by choosing cloth over disposable diapers.
tea tree oil
Treemenda Therapeutics Tea Tree Oil

100% Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil Tea tree oil has been used for thousands of years as an effective natural antiseptic for many minor skin conditions. It is a tried and true germ fighter and a natural deoderisor. Add tea tree oil to your soaking water to keep your diapers fresh. Tea tree oil will also help to disinfect diapers if there has been any contamination with yeast, a common source of diaper rash. We now offer two sizes:

Tea tree oil 30 ml- $8.90 US
Tea tree oil 10 ml- $3.20 US

Old Fashioned Laundry Soap

A very generous bar of pure soap, the kind that your grandparents and great grandparents likely used when scrubbing out their laundry by hand. This soap is gentle to your baby's skin and contains no harmful irritants. It is lovely for scrubbing out those hard to tackle stains that just don't seem to come out any other way than good ol'fashioned scrubbing.

$2.66/ bar

natural diaper cream To view our great selection of diapering skin care products such as our all natural diaper balms, powders, and lotions, please visit our Baby Bath and Body Care section.

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