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Natural Pregnancy Care

natural pregnancy gift basket
Deluxe Natural Pregnancy Gift Basket

Have an angel baby on the way? There's no better way to pamper your very special mama-to-be than with Earth Mama Angel Baby's Deluxe Pregnancy Gift Basket.

This generous bucket also includes products to comfort and soothe her during labor.

Pamper the mama carrying your gift from heaven - Naturally.

Deluxe Pregnancy Gift Basket includes:
Mama-To-Be Bonding & Pregnancy Relaxation CD
Stretch Oil 4 oz
Morning Wellness Tea 1.5 oz
Happy Feet 5 oz
Earth Mama Bottom Balm 25 ml
Earth Mama Heartburn Tea 1 oz
Mint Herbal Lip Balm
Hot Spot Labor Sock
Labor Ease Massage Oil 1 oz
Tea-For-Me Teapot
Tea strainer
All packed into a keepsake enamelware bucket

buy the Deluxe Natural Pregnancy Gift Basket here

pregnancy foot soak
Happy Feet

Carrying a whole lot of baby around are you? And how do your cute little feet feel about that? Make those swollen tootsies happy with this soothing organic herbal foot soak.

Fill the enclosed reusable muslin bag and toss it into a small tub of warm water. Squeeze the bag to release the herbal goodness of salts, pure essential oils and organic herbs such as lavender and yarrow. Soak your overworked and under-appreciated dogs for a bit. They are carrying precious cargo, so treat them to a little "thank you"...naturally.

(Try Happy Feet herbal foot soak for athlete's foot, too!)

buy Happy Feet here

pregnancy heartburn herbal tea
Earth Mama Heartburn Tea

Heartburn and pregnancy don't always have to go hand in hand - not when you drink these soothing, coating organic herbs such as marshmallow root, slippery elm and chamomile that help relieve the discomfort of occasional heartburn...naturally. (It's deliciously soothing for the expectant father, too.)

buy Earth Mama Heartburn Tea here

stretch mark oil
Stretch Oil

Used daily, this delicious-smelling organic herb-infused oil encourages your skin's innate elasticity and helps prevent pregnancy stretch marks and the itching that often accompanies rapidly growing belly and breasts.

Stretch Oil is a unique blend of oils that are readily absorbable as well as hypoallergenic. (no nut oils!) Massage this light, luscious oil onto your growing middle section, hips and breasts daily beginning early in your pregnancy. It's infused with certified organic chamomile and calendula to keep your skin moisturized, soft and pliant. You can also pour it into a warm bath and/or massage it into your perineum to help prevent tears and episiotomies during childbirth.

Works great and smells like heaven.

buy Stretch Oil here

Morning Wellness Tea

The delicious organic herbs in Morning Wellness Tea such as red raspberry leaf and have been used throughout the ages to help ease pregnancy morning sickness. Sip this soothing, minty tea hot, iced or make it into ice cubes to suck first thing in the morning. Soothe your pregnancy nausea and feel better... naturally.

buy Morning Wellness Tea here

Third Trimester Tea

Third Trimester Tea is a celestial blend of organic herbs that helps provide vital vitamins and minerals, benefiting you, your uterus and your breasts during the third trimester of pregnancy.

These uterine tonic herbs like partridge berry and red raspberry leaf have long been used to prepare women for an easier childbirth. It’s heavenly iced or hot and is packed with vitamin and mineral-rich herbs such as stinging nettles, alfalfa and organic milkstage oats and oatstraw. Drink this yummy tea during your entire third trimester to prepare your body for the joyous arrival of your angel baby...naturally.

buy Third Trimester Tea here

Peaceful Mama Tea

Peaceful Mama Tea is heaven in a cup. It can be an exciting and anxious time when you are expecting a baby. Sometimes it can be difficult to sleep with what seems like an entire wrestling team inside your body. Never fear. These safely calming organic herbs such certified organic chamomile, lemon balm, organic milkstage oats and oatstraw and lavender blossoms will soon become your best friends.

Sip a cup during times of stress or before bedtime. Then settle down, be at peace and grow your beautiful angel baby...naturally. (It's perfect for excited papas, too!)

buy Peaceful Mama Tea here

Natural Labour Care

microwavable labor pack
Hot Spot Labor Sock

To help relax muscles and reach a localized aching or cramping spot during labor, quickly heat Hot Spot Labor Sock in the microwave. The handy ribbons allow you to position this heatable little beauty in exactly the right spot to apply warm, moist heat for deep penetrating comfort, and yet still allow you mobility. Filled with all-natural rice and calming organic lavender, it gets right to the achy spot without overheating you...naturally.

buy Hot Spot Labor Sock here

labour ease kit
Labor Ease Kit

Labor Ease Oil, 1 fl. Oz.
Labor Ease Lullabies CD
Labor Ease Tea, 1 oz. Net wt.
Mint Herbal Lip Balm
Hot Spot Labor Sock

buy the Labor Ease Kit here

labor massage oil
Labor Ease Massage Oil

During labor, massage these soothing organic calendula chamomile-infused oils into your back, belly, hands or feet.
(Better yet, ask your birthing coach to do it for you!)
Absorbable and hypoallergenic, Labor Ease Oil has a touch of lavender and clary sage pure essential oils to bring focus and clarity while maintaining balance and comforting calm during labor - naturally.

buy Labor Ease Massage Oil here

herbal labor ease tea
Labor Ease Tea

This calming blend of organic herbs such as partridge berry, fennel seed and red raspberry leaf has long been used to support women (and their uterus!) during childbirth. Sip a soothing cup or suck on ice cubes made of the tea during labor. Besides containing astringent herbs that support effective contractions, it also as herbs such as fennel that are used to help encourage lactation and are a valuable source of important minerals for both you and your angel baby...naturally.

buy Labor Ease Tea here

Mint Herbal Lip Balm

Made with organic calendula , St. John's wort and shea butter, this delicious all-natural lip balm is a perfect companion during labor. (and later as well).It's certified vegan, cruelty free and toxin-free---no parabens!

Ensure that the welcoming kiss for your new angel baby is soft and sweet...naturally

buy Mint Herbal Lip Balm here

Post Partum Mother Care

Postpartum Recovery Kit


Postpartum Recovery Tea, 1 oz. Net wt.
Postpartum Recovery Bath Herbs, 4.5 oz. Net wt.
Postpartum Bottom Spray, 1 fl. Oz.
Happy Mama Spray, 1 fl. Oz.
Earth Mama Bottom Balm, 25 ml.

buy the Postpartum Recovery Kit here

Happy Mama Spray
Happy Mama Spray

Happy Mama Spray is virtual bliss in a bottle! It's a wonderfully uplifting aromatherapy spray made only with pure essential oils and flower essences created for new mamas as well as seasoned ones. For morning sickness, spritz a little onto your wrist and inhale to help settle the queasies. For a little " pick- me- up" on your dreary "can't seem to get out of my pajama" days, spray the uplifting, refreshing aromatherapy mist over your body, onto bed linens, in the air and on your friends. (ask first.) You'll be humming a tune and kicking up your heels in no time.

buy Happy Mama Spray here

postpartum recovery tea
Postpartum Recovery Tea

Postpartum Recovery Tea is a yummy organic herbal tea that is a must for all new mamas. This tasty blend helps tonify the uterus, restore vitality, replace valuable nutrients and ease postpartum tension.

What new mama would want to be without all of that?

These organic herbs such as stinging nettles, raspberry leaf, alfalfa and organic milkstage oats and oatstraw are amazingly rich natural sources of the valuable minerals iron, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus. It also has astringent uterine tonic herbs such as lady's mantle, and calming/balancing herbs such as lavender and lemon balm.

Sip a cup immediately after the birth of your baby and then several times a day to help you bounce back quickly and get you back into the game. It’s also a wonderful tonic tea to drink each month at "that time of the month" after the birth of your baby to help calm, balance and ease premenstrual tension...naturally.

buy Postpartum Recovery Tea here

Postpartum Recovery Bath Herbs
Postpartum Recovery Bath Herbs

The amazing organic herbs such as comfrey leaf, witch hazel, lavender, organic oatmeal and yarrow in Postpartum Bath Herbs have a long history of being allies for postpartum women. They help reduce swelling and speed healing of vaginal soreness, episiotomies, perineal bruising and hemorrhoids.

Fill the included muslin bag full of these healing herbs, steep like a tea bag, and then place this soothing herbal poultice on your perineum either warm or refrigerated. It is ideal to add to warm baths or sitz baths and provides welcome relief of prenatal hemorrhoids, too...naturally.

buy Postpartum Recovery Bath Herbs here

New Mama Bottom Spray
New Mama Bottom Spray

New Mama Bottom Spray is a cooling, refreshing all-natural mist. It has good, clean stuff like witch hazel distillate and pure essential oils (like lavender) that help ease postpartum vaginal soreness, episiotomies and hemorrhoids. Spray this delicious-smelling, cooling mist onto your perineum as often as needed, especially after urination and bathing.

Sit easier, feel better...naturally.

buy New Mama Bottom Spray here

Earth Mama Bottom Balm
Earth Mama Bottom Balm

Store Earth Mama Bottom Balm in the refrigerator and reapply this soothing, cooling balm often.
It's made with organic herbs such as St. John's wort, yarrow, witch hazel and calendula, shea butter, lavender pure essential oil and more. This healing salve helps relieve itch and shrink swollen tissues of prenatal and postpartum hemorrhoids and helps speed healing of postpartum vaginal bruising.
It's a blessing-in-a-jar for new mamas (and mamas-to-be) - naturally.

buy Earth Mama Bottom Balm here

Breastfeeding Care

Breastfeeding Support Kit
Breastfeeding Support Kit

Nourish your breasts so you can nourish your angel baby...naturally.

Milkmaid Tea, 2 oz. net wt.
Bosom Buddies, 1.5 oz. net wt.
Natural Nipple Butter, 25 ml.
Booby Tubes™

buy Breastfeeding Support Kit here

Bosom Buddies
Bosom Buddies

Remember when your grandma said that nursing women should put cabbage leaves on their breasts? Well they knew what they were talking about! Bosom Buddies (now with real cabbage leaves) as well as such healing herbs as organic comfrey and marshmallow root help prevent sore, cracked nipples and keep milk ducts open. Fill each of the included muslin bags with these lovely organic herbs, steep them like tea bags for a few minutes and apply them to your breasts several times a day. Follow with Natural Nipple Butter. These herbal poultices moisturize and nourish your breasts and tender nipples so they can nourish your angel baby...naturally.

buy Bosom Buddies here

Booby Tubes
Booby Tubes™
Unique Microwaveable/Freezable Pack Especially for Nursing Mamas

The creation of these little beauties was conceived by real live nursing women who wanted a cold pack to help prevent breast engorgement and a hot/moist pack to help ease the symptoms of mastitis. Their unique design allows them to comfortably fit inside your bra and to deliver either hot or cold compresses to your breasts.

Booby Tubes™ are a simple, unique way to help prevent engorgement so you can nourish your angel baby...naturally.

buy Booby Tubes™ here

milkmaid tea
Milkmaid Tea

The organic herbs such as fennel seed, red raspberry leaf , stinging nettle and fenugreek in Milkmaid Tea have long been credited with safely inducing lactation by stimulating breast milk for nursing mamas. It's delicious both iced and hot.

There's more! Many of the herbs in this delicious tea also contain a bounty of vitamins and minerals and are a soothing digestive aid for both mama and her nursing baby...naturally.

buy Milkmaid Tea here

nipple cream for sore breastfeeding nipples
Natural Nipple Butter

Natural Nipple Cream is a rich, all-natural and plant-based balm made with certified organic oil infused with healing herbs such as calendula, as well as healing cocoa butter, shea butter and mango butter. This luscious nipple cream blend helps protect and moisturize your nipples in order to prevent them from becoming sore and cracked. It's safe for both nursing mamas and babies and it contains no lanolin.

Nourish and protect your nipples with this organic nipple cream so you can nourish your angel baby...naturally.

buy Natural Nipple Butter here

favourite pregnancy quotes

"I loved you when they put yo
u in my arms
and you stopped crying to stare at me and fall asleep,
when your soft, tiny body sank into me
as if every part of me had been made to hold you."
Alicia Bayer from "To My Child, On Mother's Day"

bottom curve

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