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Rekindling Your Romance...After Kids

A problem exists among new parents that is virtually universal, yet it's seldom discussed. 

As our families grow, our hormones change. Our priorities change. Our stress levels change. And all of these changes can create real roadblocks to intimacy. 

And that's a problem because a lack of intimacy in marriages with young children can have huge implications. 

We know that our children benefit directly from a strong parental relationship. When we model love, caring, sharing, compromise, and compassion, we offer our children a sense of contentment that dwells deep in the soul. And a healthy relationship with our spouse is lifeblood. It's the most important relationship in the world.

That's why Susie Michelle Cortright, the founder of a popular online magazine for moms (and guest writer appearing at GentleParents.com !) and the pregnant mother of two young children, has compiled the wisdom of parents around the world in Rekindling the Romance After Kids, featuring 50 practical ways to put the spark back in your relationship. 

Refreshingly, Rekindling Your Romance assumes that you are not generally in the mood to show up at the front door wearing nothing but a trench coat, nor do you have the time, energy, money, or privacy to make a rose petal path down the hallway to the bedroom. This is not a book of "sex tips." This is a place to get real advice for your real situation, and your very real (sometimes very un-sexy) feelings.

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