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Twinkle Little Star is a family owned business operated out of our home. We hope to offer products and information to help support new families in creating strong and healthy relationships. All of our products are carefully selected to bring you the very highest in quality. It is our mandate to carry only goods that are wholesome and healthy for baby ( both physically and emotionally), the pregnant and nursing mother, and for the whole family.

There is nothing more precious or magickal in this life than our children and our love for them. We hope to give parents and babies a better start by offering some of the tools that make parenting so much easier and more enjoyable; the kind of tools that bring them closer together and help to foster a strong and healthy bond. It has been said that the first 3 years of a child's life last a lifetime. By creating stronger bonds with our babies, we teach them how to love - themselves, and then others. What greater gift can we give to our children than that?

Twinkle Little Star tries to support as many other family businesses as possible by offering their products in our shop. We believe in families spending time together, and with this belief are in the process of creating at-home work opportunities for parents. Check back in Summer 2003 for our Twinkle Little Star and PuddleCatchers diaper Consultant programs.

That being said, enjoy your babies. Savour your children. Memorise that sweet newborn smell, the round curve of their cheek at your breast. Take in every milky smile, every twinkle. Scoop up your little one and dance. Act crazy together. Entice giggles. Parenting should be a joy!

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